Who Are We?

Where there is love there is life
— Mohandas K. Gandhi
Artist's Rendering of Hospice of Santa Barbara, Inc.

Hospice of Santa Barbara is able to provide services because of its dedicated and skilled staff, volunteers, and board members. 


David Selberg, Chief Executive Officer

Melissa Beach, LMFT, Bereavement Counselor

Auralee Bunch, Administrative  Assistant

Charles Caldwell, Director of Strategic Advancement

Noelle Clearwater, Registered Associate MFT, Bereavement Counselor

Susan Colpitts, LCSW, Bereavement Counselor

Michael Cruse, LCSW,  Bereavement Services Manager

Fernanda Friden, Bilingual Care Coordinator

Marilyn Goldman, LMFT, Bereavement Counselor

Judy Goodbody, Planned Giving Officer

Aeron Hart, Registered Associate MFT, Bilingual Bereavement Counselor

Poppy Jewett, Care Coordinator

Liz LaCasto, LMFT, Bereavement Counselor

Samantha Lockett, Director, Operations

Perie Longo, PhD, LMFT, Bereavement Counselor

Pattie Lorusso, Executive Assistant

Amara Maliszewski, MSW, Patient Care Services Manager

Adriana Marroquin, Community Initiatives Manager

Jeff Martinez, Director of Finance

Michele Mazzolini-Osborne, Intake Coordinator

Valerie Moore, LCSW, Bereavement Counselor

Virginia Moreno, LMFT, Bilingual Bereavement Counselor

Brian Ordoñez, Data Analyst

Eliana Preciado, LMFT, Bilingual Bereavement Counselor

Cheryll Puyot, Development & Events Manager

Ginny Reis, LMFT, Patient Care Services Manager

Suzanne Retzinger, LMFT, Bereavement Counselor

Rev. Kristen Rohm, MDiv, Spiritual Care Counselor

Nicole Romasanta, Director of Volunteer Services

Rebecca Solomon, Registered Associate Social Worker, Bilingual Intake Coordinator

Heather Stevenson, Grants & Development Manager

Tianna Swede, MSW, Patient Care Services Manager         

Sally Turvey, Volunteer Services Coordinator

Alejandro Vasquez, MA, Bereavement Advocate

Sharon Vineall, LCSW, Bereavement Counselor

Mary Wagner, LMFT, Bereavement Counselor

Lee Weiser, PhD, Bereavement Counselor

Jeanne West, Community Engagement Manager


Board of Directors

Nicole Andreasen

Eric Bowers, Esq.

Lois Capps

Mike McGrew 

David Nordahl

Eryn Shugart, PhD

Tom Sturgess

Eric Trautwein, MD

Dianne Travis-Teague

Dana VanderMey

Santa Barbara Hospice Foundation

Mike Stein, Chair

Tom Burk, Treasurer

Harvey Bottelsen

Courtney DeSoto

Berkeley Johnson

Linda Khachek

Mark Levine

Bruce McRoy, Esq.

David Nordahl

Tyler Powell 


Advisory Council

Susan Adams

Bill Cirone

Rabbi Arthur Gross-Schaeffer

Joy Margolis, Esq.

Catherine Remak

Kenneth Slaught

Linda Seltzer Yawitz


Board Emeritus

Margaret Barnes

Leigh Block, Deceased

Harvey Bottlesen

J. Thomas Fly

Harold Hicks, Deceased

Gerd Jordano

Jill Nida

Peter Stalker, II

Kenny Slaught

Charles Zimmer



Outstanding Program Achievement Award from the California Hospice and Palliative Care Association.

Senior Planning Services Caregiver Champion of The Year, 2011

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics Health Care Hero Award, E