Quality of Life Support Fund


With your help, HSB can help more people in our community find comfort during their time of need. Help us reach our goal of $10,000.


After five-year-old "Lukas" lost a parent, his family couldn’t afford to buy him a backpack and school supplies before he started his first day of kindergarten. With your help, kids like Lukas can start off the school year with everything they need.

After a year of working with eight-year-old "Felicia" who suddenly lost her father, Felicia's counselor learned that she had always dreamed of dancing in the Fiesta Parade. She needed dance classes, a dress, a tambourine, flowers, earrings, and a hair clip in order to be a part of the parade. With your assistance, kids like Felicia will be able to live out their dreams.



"Bruno," a 65-year-old homeless man, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer while living in his car. When he came to HSB for help, he couldn’t eat solid food due to side effects from treatment, and his nutrition was suffering greatly. He needed a blender to liquify his food so he could drink it. With your support, people like Bruno will receive the help they need to manage their illness.